Flight, performance on Binic Beach (now Binic-Etables-sur-Mer), Brittany, 1983.

Felix Rozen (1938-2013) was a Moscow-born artist and a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In 1966, he chose France as his land of creation and forged ties to Soulages, Zadkine, Sonia Delaunay and the members of the COBRA adventure. “To paint is to put your feelings to music,” he said. The correlation between abstract signs and rhythm runs through his works.
A painter with a passion for experimentation, Felix Rozen was also the inventor of the engraving technique Pyrocera, sculptor, photographer, author-actor of performances and composer of electro-acoustic music. He worked at IRCAM in Paris, the Center for Music Experiment in San Diego and New York University, among other institutions. In 2005, he exhibited his Letters to Paul Klee at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery in Paris. His works are in many public collections: Pompidou Center in Paris; Tate Gallery in London; Guggenheim Museum and MoMA in New York; Living Art Museum in Reykjavik; Museum Jorn in Silkeborg; Pushkin Museum in Moscow; MNW in Warsaw and MOMAT in Tokyo.

“Within Felix Rozen lies a scientific dreamer and a lyrical scribe who know how to reconcile what we thought irreconcilable: the oldest past and the future to be born, in a word, the memory of modernity.”

Jacques Lacarrière