Notebooks (1976-1978)

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Un“These drawings (…) allow us to see real pages of handwriting loosely constructed, rows of mysterious signs and interrogations,” reported Robert Aribaut in The Courts Gazette, in March 1977, on the occasion of the exhibition “Paintings and Drawings by Felix Rozen” at the Orsini Gallery.

When, in the mid-1970s, Alex Liberman, artistic director of Vogue magazine, asked him to present his work to a friend who ran one of the departments of MoMA in New York, Felix Rozen made more than 600 drawings in notebooks. He would keep only 60.


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For a while, Rozen smoked bidis. These funny Indian cigarettes made of dried, untreated tobacco, held by a cotton thread, fond themselves in the middle of paintbrushes. And of course… in his collages.